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Butyl Tape

Butyl Tape

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We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying high quality Butyl Tape known for its powerful adhesion. This non-curing sticky tape of Exsan brand is specially formulated quick and neat installation of gasket less windscreens and Bakelite. The Butyl Tape, we supply, helps avoiding direct contact of the pinch weld & the glass and great compressibility in both high as well as low temperatures.

Method Of Use
Remove the Windscreen and sealant. Clean and prime the pinch weld to ensure no dirt or grease remains. Hands press the tape into place around the pinch weld. Place the windscreen carefully over the tape and apply hand pressure uniformly to reduce air entrapment. The adhesion slowly improves over a period of time to its optimum level. In cold climate conditions, it is best to warm the tape to soften it prior to installation. This product can be used alone or in combination with other sealants (e.g. Polyurethane Sealant) depending on the type of installation.
Shelf Life

  • Twelve months from the month of manufacture


  • Store in cool dry place away from heat source and direct sunlight


  • 9.5mm dia
  • 8 mm x 4.57 mtrs


Properties Properties Unit Specification
Appearance - Round / Square Tape Form
Colour - Black
Odour - None or Very Ligh
Dimension - 9.5 mm x 9.5 mm x 4.57 meters (S) 9.5 mm dia x 4.57 meters (R)
Specific gravity At RT (28 33o C) 1.2 -1.3
Needle Penetration after 24 hours Worked sample At RT (28 33o C) 30 - 38
Heat Resistance Test 110o C
Water absorption test 24 hours at room Temperature < 1%
Corrosion on ED Coated painted Metal 24 hours No Corrosion / No Stain
Peel Strength, kgf after 24 hours (painted panel to Polythene sheet), (0.15u) - Min 1.5 (Square)
Min 0.8 (Round)
Lap shear strength (after 24 Hours) ED Coated painted metal to glass Kg / cm2 0.85 kg/cm2 (Square)
0.85 kg/cm2 (Round)
Sealability Test at 120 mm for 20 seconds- Square 80 mm (for 20 seconds- Round - No leak
Cold Resistance Test At (-15 2o C, 3 hrs) No de-bonding